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At GigaOM’s Roadmap event this past week, I had the pleasure of talking to both Richard Nash of Small Demons and Matt MacInnis, CEO of Inkling,  about the where the book will go in the future. It may have only been half an hour, but we covered a lot of ground.

We talked about the future of the book as it becomes electronic, weaves in social streams in and around the reading experience, and as more and more “book” creators put in things like audio and video.  We also discussed about what happens to bookstores when, ten years from now, kids may see the paper-bound book as an artifact from a world gone by.  We looked at how publishing will change in coming years as the newer forms of electronic distribution right the wrongs of the current model, the biggest of which is, as Richard put it, only 7% of the economic value of the book going to the creator of intellectual property. Lastly we talked about how e-books and e-reading could close the huge learning gap in emerging markets.

So take a few minutes and listen, I think you’ll enjoy.

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